Who is behind swiss-film-freelancer?


Initiator: Christian Macek, Lucerne.
Christian is a documentary filmmaker from Lucerne, Switzerland. He has worked with many talented people over the years and has a large network in the swiss independent film industry.

Christian’s film-label is Partysan-Pictures.


swiss-film-freelancer can cover the following services:


Cameramen and women

We have about 5 camera-man and women in our network who would love to film your project. Depending on your needs and availability we will choose the right one for you.




If you need help organizing your film-stay in Switzerland, we have the right person to help you organize everything.


Location Scout

Need help finding that right spot and getting around? Nobody knows the country like the natives. We will have the right one for you finding you that special location.


Special Footage

If you need drone-footage, time-lapses, helicopter- or boat footage, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have done all of these and know the right partner.


Film Equipment Rentals

You want to film with your own crew but need equipment? We rent out some of our own equipment and we know who else is renting out the stuff we don’t have ourselves.